House Rules

All you need to know about staying at Whales Tale

Whales-Tale House Rules


The maximum number of guests is 16.  The primary renter must be age 25 or older and provide a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID and sign a rental agreement.  The primary renter must be a guest at the property for the entire stay, as we do not accept third-party rentals.  No parties, fraternities, weddings, civic groups, commercial activities, etc., allowed.  Exceeding the maximum number of allowed guests will result in the immediate cancellation of your reservation without a refund. 

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit of $1,000 is required and placed as a hold against your credit card on file 2 days before your arrival.  Any damages or rule violation penalties will be drawn against this deposit. This amount will be held on your credit card and released within 5-7 days after departure.

Pool and Spa

Obey all posted rules in the pool area.  No diving, running, rough play, food in the pool/spa, or unsupervised children.  Glass containers are not permitted in the pool deck or spa area.   We provide plastic tumblers for poolside use.

The pool may be heated during the months of March through May and September through November for a fee of $100.00 per night for the entire length of your stay.  Requests to heat the pool must be received and paid in full at least one week prior to the arrival date.

The pool is serviced at least three days per week.  Please do not tamper with or alter the pool equipment settings.  If a service call is required due to guest actions, you will be charged a fee to cover the cost of the visit.

Broken glass or fecal matter in the pool or spa will result in immediate pool area closure and possible cancellation of your stay.  The guest will be charged a minimum $500 pool service fee, and the pool and spa will remain closed until our pool service rectifies the hazardous condition.

Security Devices

There are exterior security cameras present at the home, which cover the following areas:

The driveway and parking area beneath the house.

The rear yard, patio, and pool area.

The stairs to the lower front deck.

The pool equipment.

The ground-level amenities storage area.

They are always on and recording video.  The cameras that are capable of detecting motion and recording audio will be disabled during your stay, with the exception of those that cover the driveway area.

There are devices that detect prolonged excessive noise levels inside and outside of the home. They do not record audio, only decibel levels, and will alert the owner if reasonable levels are detected.  Please be respectful of our neighbors and keep it down during the citywide quiet hours of 11pm-7am.

These devices are for the protection of both guests and owners.  Tampering with or disabling any such device will be grounds for immediate cancellation of your stay without a refund.

There are no cameras or recording devices inside the home

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and Vaping are prohibited inside the home, on the decks, in the pool area.   Please limit smoking to the front driveway area.  Do dispose of butts/filters properly, and do not litter the grounds with them.  If it is determined that this rule was violated and smoking/vaping occurred within the home, the guest will be charged an additional $500 remediation fee.  


No pets are permitted on the property.  If you disregard this rule and bring animals, you will be asked to remove the animal(s) and charged an additional $500 cleaning fee, and your stay with us may be cancelled.

Noise and Quiet Hours

The property is located in a quiet residential neighborhood.  Please keep music and voices to respectful levels.  There are noise level monitoring devices in and outside of the home which will alert the owner if decibel levels are exceeded during quiet hours.   These devices do not record conversations.  The City of North Myrtle Beach enforces Quiet Hours daily from 11pm to 7am.  Violators can be ticketed.

Fireworks and Firearms

No guest shall possess or discharge any fireworks or firearms on the property.  Doing so will result in the immediate cancellation of your stay without a refund.  Additionally, the City of North Myrtle Beach strictly forbids the use of any fireworks within city limits.  Violations will result in stiff monetary fines and potential arrest. 


The property is limited to parking for six vehicles which must use the paved spaces provided beneath and in front of the home.   No vehicles shall be parked in the grassy areas or along the side of the road.  No trailers are permitted to be parked at the property, and no vehicle maintenance is to be performed on-site.


The elevator is a residential version and operates differently than those found in hotels and high-rises. Please familiarize yourself with the operating instructions found in our digital house guide prior to usage.  Children should not be allowed to play in or operate the elevator without adult supervision.

Trash & Recycling Collection

Trash collection occurs on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays during the summer and on Mondays and Fridays during the off-season.  Trash should be bagged and placed in the green roll carts.  Recycling (plastic, glass, metal and aluminum cans, paper, and cardboard) is collected on Mondays.   Recycling materials should NOT be bagged and placed loose in the blue roll carts. Carts should be placed curbside prior to 7 am on collection days and returned to the house promptly after collection.

Check In

Check In time is 4:00pm or later on the scheduled arrival date.  You will receive an access code and additional instructions shortly before your arrival.  Once you’ve checked in, please report any issues to the Owner as soon as possible.   Requests for early check-in during the months of September through May may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  No early check-ins will be allowed from June through August.

Check Out

Check Out is no later than 10:00am on the scheduled departure date.  We ask that you please adhere to this time in order to provide our cleaning service sufficient time to prepare the property for the next guests.   Occupying the home past 10:00am may result in the guest being charged an additional night’s rental or charged with trespassing.  Please refer to the digital guest guide for additional checkout information.  We do not have a long list of check-out chores, but we do ask that you treat our home as you would your own.   If the home is left in a state that requires excessive cleaning, you may be charged an additional $250 per hour based on the extra effort required by our cleaning team.

Events and Parties

We do not allow our guests to conduct events or parties on the premises.  Doing so will result in the cancelation of your reservation without a refund and immediate removal of all guests from the property.

Furniture and Décor

Please do not move or rearrange the furnishings or décor present at the property.  While we try to keep our photos as updated as possible, changes in the furnishing and décor may occur and be different than in the pictures presented.

Candles, Incense & Open Flames

We do not allow the use of candles or other open flames inside or outside of the home.  Burning of incense is also forbidden.  No oil frying is permitted.

Glitter and Confetti

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, please leave the confetti or glitter cannons at home.   You will be charged an additional cleaning fee based on the amount of extra time our cleaners need to remove the mess.